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With extensive trial experience as a board-certified criminal defense attorney and previous experience as a prosecution attorney, Sindhu M. Alexander has acquired a thorough understanding and knowledge of the legal system and how to effectively prepare a case.

Our firm has represented individuals charged with a wide range of criminal offenses, including child abuse, drug charges, Internet and violent crimes. We have defended parents and guardians against specific child abuse charges including CPS defense. Our firm provides aggressive, strategic defense for our clients and can help you too. Contact our office today for more information on how we can defend your criminal case.

Experienced Collin County Murder Defense Lawyer

Sindhu M. Alexander is a board-certified, experienced and well-respected criminal defense lawyer with a reputation of obtaining successful results for clients.

We have a great relationship with local experts, judges and prosecutors, and we are excellent at evaluating our clients’ cases, specifically in the legal area of child abuse, and defending individuals charged with various violent crimes.

Our firm has extensive trial experience and is able to present our clients’ cases in a persuasive manner before a jury.

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If you are seeking legal representation or would like more information about our services, contact our office today to set up a free consultation. You can reach Collin County criminal defense attorney Sindhu M. Alexander and staff at 214.468.9187 or by contacting us online.