Dallas, Texas, criminal law attorney Sindhu M. Alexander has handled thousands of cases and is Board Certified as Criminal Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Before focusing exclusively on criminal defense, she served as a felony prosecutor for Dallas County.

Attorney Sindhu M. Alexander knows firsthand how the other side works. She will apply her years of experience and legal skills focused on staying ahead of the prosecution. For an aggressive defense strategy, contact attorney Sindhu M. Alexander today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Fort Worth Attorney Providing Experienced Murder Defense As Well As Skilled Representation in Other Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

From her law office in Dallas, Texas, attorney Sindhu M. Alexander has extensive experience defending individuals facing serious criminal charges, such as:

  • Violent crimes: We have experience representing individuals who have been charged with violent crimes including aggravated sexual assault, rape and murder.
  • White collar crimes: Our law firm has experience representing individuals who have been charged with white collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement and other forms of theft.
  • CPS defense: We have experience defending parents who have been charged with child abuse. Attorney Sindhu M. Alexander knows how to communicate and negotiate directly with Child Protective Services (CPS) in our clients’ best interests.
  • Sex crimes: The consequences of a conviction for a sex offense are severe. When the stacks against you are high, entrust attorney Alexander to develop an aggressive defense strategy against serious charges including rape, sexual assault, indecency with a child and Internet sex crimes. She knows how to prove if you were falsely accused or if the charges do not fit the crime you allegedly committed.
  • Internet crimes: If you have been charged with Internet crimes such as online solicitation of a minor or child pornography, act quickly to obtain experienced legal help. We have access to industry-leading experts available to help try and uncover evidence that can be used in your favor.
  • Child abuse: Fort Worth child abuse defense attorney Sindhu M. Alexander has experience representing individuals charged with physical and sexual abuse. She knows the right steps to take in avoiding a conviction and mitigating potential penalties.
  • Probation and parole violations: We have experience representing individuals who have allegedly violated their probation or parole and need legal assistance in reinstating their probation or parole status.
  • Drug charges: Our law firm represents individuals who have been charged with various drug crimes involving cocaine, meth, prescription pills or other drugs.
  • Drunk driving: Many people facing DWI/DUI charges have never been accused of a crime before and may have no idea how to best protect their rights. Attorney Sindhu M. Alexander is committed to guiding clients’ through the legal system, while protecting their constitutional rights.
  • Juvenile defense: Our firm has experience representing children and teenagers who have been charged with crimes such as theft or robbery and more serious crimes such as DWI and murder.

Defense attorney Sindhu M. Alexander wants you to be able to move forward with a clean slate. If you have a criminal conviction, attorney Sindhu M. Alexander is available to determine if your criminal record can be sealed or erased altogether through a record expungement or expunction.