Polygraph Test

If you have been asked to take a polygraph test as part of an ongoing criminal investigation, it is important that you immediately hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Not only has criminal defense attorney Sindhu M. Alexander handled the criminal defense in thousands of cases, but she is also a former Dallas County felony prosecutor. She understands the implications of refusing to take a lie detector test, as well as the potential consequences if you go into the test unprepared and nervous. She will use her skills and experience to make sure that your rights are protected at all times during the investigation.

If you are asking yourself whether you should take a polygraph test, contact North Texas attorney Sindhu M. Alexander today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Dallas Attorney Protecting Your Rights When Taking a Lie Detector Test

Lawyer Sindhu M. Alexander represents individuals who are suspects in cases involving felony crimes. It is not uncommon for police detectives to request persons of interest or suspects in a criminal investigation to take a lie detector test.

A polygraph machine monitors physiological measurements while asking various questions in an attempt to correlate them with telling the truth or lying. The results of lie detector tests can be affected by extreme emotions that have nothing to do with guilt of the crime being investigated. For this reason, they are considered unreliable and are not admissible in court. As a result, polygraphs are most often used only as an investigatory tool to narrow down suspects in a criminal investigation.


It is critical that you do not agree to take a polygraph test without first hiring legal counsel. You have the right to refuse the test and doing so cannot be taken as an admission of guilt. However, refusal is likely to encourage continued investigation and intrusion into your personal life. An attorney can advise you on whether you should take the lie detector test and make sure your constitutional rights are protected.