Child Abuse

Defending Parents in a Court of Law

If a child has been physically, emotionally, sexually or in some other way abused and neglected by his or her parents, government agencies such as CPS or CAPTA step in to protect the child. When these agencies function successfully, they truly protect the children by separating them from their abuser.

Due to the sensitive implications of a child abuse claim, detailed and thorough investigation of all the facts including evaluation of the parents may sometimes be overlooked. This can happen in spite of the fact that the legal ramifications of child abuse charges are severe and may be life-long. Being convicted of child abuse or sexual assault of a child will lead to a permanent sex offender status.

In order to avoid these severe consequences, a parent or guardian who has been charged with child physical abuse or sexual abuse needs to hire legal representation that can defend the case, conduct an investigation of the allegations, and communicate and negotiate with CPS and CAPTA on his or her behalf.

Board certified and with extensive trial experience as a Dallas child abuse defense lawyer, Sindhu M. Alexander can effectively and aggressively defend clients’ cases. Contact our office for more information on how we can help you.

Falsely Accused of Abuse in Collin County

Although children should be protected against abuse and neglect, if a parent has been falsely accused of hurting or abusing his or her child, it is imperative that the parent receive experienced legal representation to defend the case and his or her parental rights.

At the law office of Sindhu M. Alexander, we have represented hundreds of parents who have been charged with child abuse and we have been able to reveal facts pertaining to the case rather than assumptions based on suspicion.

Attorney Sindhu M. Alexander is a former child abuse prosecutor and is experienced in handling cases specifically involving child abuse.