CPS Defense

Child Protective Services is a valuable aid in helping protect children who are the victims of abuse. Yet for parents who are falsely accused of abuse and face a CPS investigation, those professionals can be quite threatening. Having the right North Texas CPS lawyer on your side will help you fight for your rights as a parent as you face a CPS investigation.

Attorney Sindhu Alexander is board certified in criminal law and has handled hundreds of jury trials, and she has a passion for parents facing unjust child abuse cases. As a former child abuse prosecutor, she knows these types of cases intimately and is prepared to help you protect your legal rights and retain custody of your children.

Experienced North Texas CPS Lawyer

What makes Attorney Sindhu Alexander the proven choice for CPS cases is her experience. As a board certified criminal law attorney, she has the experience and training you want for success. In addition, Attorney Alexander has been practicing law since 1998, and brings over a decade of experience to her field. She focuses her efforts entirely on criminal law, including child abuse cases.

Understanding of CPS Cases

Because Attorney Alexander worked as a CPS prosecutor in the past, she knows how the system is supposed to work. Child Protection Services, when it works well, truly protect children. The agency takes children away from their abusers and puts them in a safe place. Yet, sometimes the system goes wrong, and a loving parent is separated from his or her children due to unjust charges of abuse.

Unfortunately, these allegations carry significant consequences, even life-long consequences. Parents who are found guilty of abuse may be separated from the children they love for life. Reputations can also be harmed, and, in the case of sexual assault accusations, the accused individual can be charged with permanent sex offender status.

Compassionate, Personal Care

When you choose our firm for your CPS case, you benefit from compassionate care from a lawyer who understands. All members of our team know how a legal case like this affects not only you, but also your entire family. As you face allegations of child abuse and a CPS investigation, your family’s structure is at risk. We will fight tirelessly to help you maintain your current family structure and clear your name of the abuse charges, all while providing the support you need during this trying time.