Domestic Violence

Assault and domestic violence allegations are taken very seriously by North Texas law enforcement and prosecutors. Anyone accused of these offenses should take immediate action to begin an aggressive plan of legal defense.

Contact accomplished Dallas/Fort Worth domestic violence lawyer Sindhu M. Alexander for a thorough assessment of your case and a solid strategy for protecting your rights and interests.

Frisco Lawyer Fighting Domestic and Family Violence Allegations

Regardless of who actually instigated a domestic violence altercation, in North Texas the man is many times more likely to be arrested and charged than the woman. Partly due to this fact, allegations of domestic violence may be made to gain leverage in a divorce or custody battle.

Allegations are made so frequently that in Dallas alone there are two separate courts dedicated exclusively to the prosecution of domestic violence charges.

Even in cases of false reports, lack of injury or refusal to press charges, a domestic violence arrest can carry serious consequences. Ms. Alexander is dedicated to fighting unfair charges and unfounded accusations with aggressive defense representation.

Assault Law in Texas

If you or a loved one is under investigation or has been charged with assault, it is very important to understand how these charges work in Texas. Assault can be either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on:

  • The severity of injury
  • The type of alleged victim
  • If any weapons are involved

Prosecutors may file the most serious charges they can in an attempt to secure a plea agreement. Although entering a guilty plea to a lesser charge is sometimes a viable option, a smart defense lawyer like Ms. Alexander understands that fighting for an acquittal or to have a case dismissed is often the only way to avoid the consequences of an assault charge.

Even Misdemeanor Assault Charges Can Have Serious Consequences

In a first offense situation, an assault charge will not usually result in an arrest unless there is significant injury or domestic violence is involved. A ticket for a class C misdemeanor will be issued in most cases.

In addressing any assault charge, even a seemingly minor one, it is in your best interests to avoid a conviction when possible. If you plead guilty or are convicted of a misdemeanor assault charge, it will almost always be used against you in any subsequent assault case. This will result in much tougher penalties, especially if the second charge involves family violence.

Any assault conviction or guilty plea can have lifelong consequences, impacting other legal matters like immigration or divorce proceedings. Non-U.S. citizens may even face deportation.