Drug Charges

Providing Legal Defense and Enforcing Constitutional Rights

In the state of Texas, being convicted of a drug crime will often result in a jail sentence and excessive fines. A criminal record can affect future employment opportunities and various aspects of an individual’s personal life and should be avoided if at all possible. Nowadays, police and other authorities are performing more and more search and seizures that impede on searched individuals’ constitutional rights.

In the event that a person is searched for illegal substances, it is therefore important to thoroughly evaluate and determine whether or not the policeman had probable cause and was justified in searching the individual. Board-certified Dallas drug crimes lawyer Sindhu M. Alexander has handled thousands of criminal cases as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, and she applies her knowledge of the constitution in providing aggressive and determined legal defense.

Fort Worth Lawyer Providing a Skilled Meth and Marijuana Possession Defense

Over the past 20 years street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and methamphetamine, in addition to prescription drugs, have become common illegal drugs in Texas. These drugs are manufactured, trafficked and sold here; being charged with either drug trafficking, forfeiture or conspiracy to sell results in a federal drug charge.

With extensive trial experience representing individuals charged with drug offenses, Sindhu M. Alexander has become known throughout Texas for the ability to negotiate and mitigate offenses on behalf of clients.

We work hard to provide alternatives outside of a jail sentence such as probation and drug rehabilitation programs, and we are experienced in presenting these options in a persuasive manner during a jury trial.