Probation and Parole Violations

Defending Clients and Getting Them Back on Track

After being charged with a criminal conviction, an alternative to facing jail is to be sentenced to a probationary period. This timeframe is a sensitive “testing” period involving collaboration with an assigned probation or parole officer and where any violation will ultimately revert to a jail sentence. During probation, some of the necessary requirements will commonly include:

  • Maintaining beneficial employment
  • Staying with the jurisdiction
  • Keeping appointments with assigned probation or parole officer
  • Taking and passing scheduled urinary analysis drug screening tests
  • Participation in required drug or alcohol abuse prevention programs
  • Timely payment of probation-related fees

Failure to comply with the requirements put forth by the probation or parole officer, such as moving and not providing a new address, failing a drug test, receiving a DUI or committing a new crime while on probation, leads to additional legal consequences.

If you have violated your probation or parole, it is necessary to seek legal representation to help protect you from facing a jail sentence.

Board certified and with extensive trial experience as a Dallas probation violation attorney, Sindhu M. Alexander can aggressively defend you and help prevent unnecessary, additional charges. Contact our office today for more information on how we can help you.

Fort Worth Attorney Representing Clients Charged With a Parole Violation

The penalties for violating probation may vary depending on the nature of the crime, criminal history, the extent of the damage done by the crime and other related aspects.

In the state of Texas, most misdemeanors and felonies can be dealt with through probation and parole and various aspects are negotiable, but in order to obtain the best possible result, it is necessary to have the added strength of an experienced, aggressive attorney.